The Complete Flaming Deathtrap Recordings

by Forever Stoked

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Recordings done in early 2007 at Flaming Deathtrap Studio, in the basement of Dekum Manor in Portland, OR. This compilation was originally released as a cassette on FM DUST (catalog number DUST006) in 2010; several of the tracks were released prior to that, as the CDR "Weeeiiiird!" on Casanova Temptations in 2007.

Original website blurb:
"When I moved to Portland in 2006, I was super-committed to turning over about 1000 new leaves, one of which was to stop playing pop songs. It never worked at all, but I got to a point where I was inching away, at least. I decided to start a band with the Hoganson Bros. (now of Teenage Tit, The Don Hellions, etc.). We had talked about it being a really disgusting sludgy thing like the Brainbombs or whatever... but halfway through our first practice, Chris Hoganson stands up and yells "GODAMMIT, I JUST WANNA PLAY POP SONGS!".
So it was that FOREVER STOKED quickly mutated into a sloppy, drunk Chilton/Thunders/Richman/Bolan amalgam, albeit one with a serious streak of mortality/depression dread seeping into their otherwise major key nuggets. We've all agreed that these recordings are too stilted and clean to be our definitive document (and besides, three of our best songs are missing), but since I live a couple thousand miles away, it seems like it may be a minute before we can record something preferable. For now, consider it a time capsule, and a promise of what either may be, or might have been."


released December 7, 2013

Chris Hoganson- drums, vocals, keyboards (I think?)
Thomas Hoganson- bass, guitar, vocals
Dustin Krcatovich- vocals, guitar, electronics, keyboards

All songs written by Forever Stoked.

Zac Parker, Cait Lamborne, Alison Lutz, and Amanda Duncan all have served as Forever Stoked's official tambourine player, but none of them play on these recordings.



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FM DUST Portland, Oregon

FM DUST is a multimedia label/ephemera aggregator currently based in Portland, OR, operated by Dustin Krcatovich.

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